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Your best choice for irrigation. Located in O'Neill, NE we are determined to give quality irrigation systems and service. Our highly decorated service team has been serving northern Nebraska and southern South Dakota since 1996, we can service all machine types and ages. Trust us to keep your season on track.

Whether your having problems in the middle of the season or are wanting to address problems in the off season Kracl Irrigation provides the most in depth and thorough analysis to give the longest lasting, dependable, and efficient solution.

Whether it's Building, towing, or spanning a river Kracl Irrigation has a history of tackling huge obstacles, this is the one and only stop needed for your biggest projects.

The Kracl Irrigation team, bringing the experience of unique backgrounds to you. From left to right, Senior is a Navy veteran and certified welder. Having welded firetruck ladders, hay rakes, bowling ball cannons and more, he can fabricate or fix whatever is on your honey-do list. Sean graduated with degrees in irrigation and residential wiring and has been working pivots since 2002. He can also build log cabins, tend bees and grow a sweet goatee. Lori has been working the books for decades. She's managed a veterinarian's office and even ran a meat locker (not at the same time, just coincidentally related). Lori has been with Kracl Irrigation since 2002 and loves to handle any billing questions. Ron spent time doing industrial concrete work in Lincoln before starting in 2012. He has built over 300 pivots as well as ran the parts department and spent time as our lead service tech. He enjoys The Office and ranch dressing. Ron and Kevin are the store's managers. Kevin is an electrical engineer and a Navy veteran. He has been working in the electrical field since 2002 doing things like fixing airplanes on a carrier, controls wiring in Lincoln's Haymarket, and programming Seward's new jail to name a few. Kevin has also been a Starbucks barista, meaning he can roast a mean cup of beans. Matt joined on in spring 2018 and has served as our lead equipment operator and quickly proved capable as a service tech. He raised cattle as a kid, ran a muck as a teen, and melted zinc for a few years at AZZ as an adult until following the guiding light to Kracl's. He enjoys large mud holes and playing the flute. 


We are certified through Lindsay and Valley to work on center pivots, laterals, and corner machines and have fixed many Reinkes, Lockwoods, Pierce, and any other pivot you may have. We can fix it. Stop by or call anytime we love to talk irrigation.

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