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Remote pump control
Irrigaton reports
Internet irrigation control Field Net
Remote monitoring device
Customizable alerts
FieldNet App
The best gearbox oil
XL Lube Gearlife logo
Cutaway comparison XL vs 85w-140
Mounts in riser
IM 3000 Flow meter
Digital display, better visibility than Seametrics ag2000 and ag3000
IM3000 mounting toleances
flow meter in riser

IM 3000

Bias ply no longer makes sense
Radials flatten as they roll
Fits any standard gearbox
Firestone Irrigation Tire

Legendary Publications

Irrigation Handbook from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A comprehensive book on center pivot irrigation. Covers important details like soil analysis, pump efficiency curves, runoff potential and much more. A must have resource.

IM3000 Benefits in Short Straight Pipe Installations

This is a presentation written by one of the key minds behind the IM3000. Comparisons made with other flow meters in various applications showing unmatched repeatability of precision and accuracy 

Optimal Performance from Center Pivot Sprinklers

Paper produced by the University of Idaho measuring the key factors that affect water uniformity. Spoiler hint (slide 3), Zimmatic's is only 90".

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