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FieldNet by Lindsay
Pivot Control takes over Valley, Crop Link what?
Pivot Control on Reinke, dominates RC10 and ReinCloud can be put on anything

Upgrade ANY panel to full control

What is Full Control?

Full Control is remote access to ALL of your pivots. It's starting your pivot from the grocery store or stopping it during the big game. It's a text message for low pressure shutdown saving you from hours of downtime. Full control is VRI.

Full control saves you time.

Full control saves you money.

Full control IS Pivot Control by Lindsay.

Valley Reinke remote pivot monitoring


Obtain operational uniformity. Pivot Control can be on anything, replace RC10, IconX, FieldWise or any other Toys-R-Us product. Basestation3 is 3 steps behind.

PC Lite opens the world of Variable Rate Irrigtion at a great value

PIVOT CONTROL LITE: The Perfect add-on for generators

- Monitors everything

- Provides "stop only" making it perfect for a generator or roto-phase.

- Easily add GPS, endgun control, and basic VRI

- Wire theft alert available

- Pressure transducer wiring available

*Check out page 4 for a complete breakdown to find which Pivot control product will work best for you.

Pivot Control Comparison

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