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Better than tracks for pivots and raaft tracks don't even come close

NFTrax 2.0

The Best Just got Better

Irrigation tires at their finest

*Better ENGINEERING gets better results. Patented flexibility allows the NFtrax to release heavy soils. That's something the Rhinogator   can't do.

Pivot track ruts can nearly disappear. Bigger footprint and more flexibilit than Valley Revolution

*%60 percent larger footprint than 11.2x38 bias ply tires. Smaller ruts improve long term tracking plus it's a lot easier on the tractors during harvest.

*All new Z-tread designed for the terrains that seemingly have no solution. CONSIDER IT SOLVED!

New vesion 2.0 comes with reinforced red points for better weight distribution at the point of contact


* Ends flat tires

* Eliminates wheel Tracks


* Conquers the toughest terrain

* Steel belted for durability

* 5 year warranty

See how major operations


are saving thousands!

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