- PROBE FREE: By utilizing subscription based DTN weather and optional pivot point weather stations, Advisor provides hyper local historic, current and forecasted weather.

CROP AND FIELD SPECIFIC ET: Soil composition, planting date, hybrid, weather, and even tillage practice (plus more) is used to calculate ET. This gives a unique solution to every fields needs.

PROVEN SCIENCE: Built using the "Soil Water Balance Irrigation Method", a subject which has nearly a million peer reviewed articles written documenting its success in determining plant needs.


- THE BEST VRI PLANS: With the immense information obtained by FieldNet Advisor continuously updated field-specific sector VRI plans are auto-generated daily . Available for all fields.

- DID WE MENTION THE BEST VRI PLANS: VRI plans are dynamically optimized to account for changing crop development stage, root growth, weather, as-applied irrigation, as well as soil variability throughout the field.

                          Advisor FAQs

FieldNet Advisor Official Case Study
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Payback period=yesterday

*Read the official case study, completed in Nebraska, for the details on how FieldNet Advisor paid for itself 10x in one year.


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