FieldNet Advisor and Farmer's Edge have teamed up to bring the most innovative and resourceful agronomy tools to your fingertips. With hyper-local weather forecasting and the most advanced satellite imagery available, higher yields using less energy has never been more possible.

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What is Farmer's Edge?

Farmers Edge is a full service agronomic solution that's teaming with FieldNet Adviser helping to lead growers through this agricultural revolution. 

  • Data Collection

Data is collected from on-farm weather stations, telematics devices and satellite imagery.​

  • Soil Sampling

Trained technicians use specialized equipment to ensure consistent samples are collected from your fields.​ Soil samples allow for the best designed VRI prescriptions.

  • Scouting Maps

Unique Scouting Maps help to detect problems early, identify pests, manage nutrient requirements and protect yield. Each map features a true color layer to identify clouds and shadows.​

  • Complete Support

Agronomic or technical Farmers edge will help. Web support available with a variety of how-to-videos and reference guides.

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